• Collection // Big Cats

    Collection // Big Cats

    Big Cat The creature that is amazingly discreet, elegant and powerful. Their patterns are distinct and unique. They are predator and carnivore type. The ability and vitality varies among species. It is as if they are the creature that is made for balancing the ecosystem. The stronger hunts the weaker.

    Bengal Tiger Bengal Tiger is the largest in size amongst their species. They live in the jungle. They love to be immersed in water which is different from other tigers. Their excellent eyesight allows them to hunt by day and night. There are many stories and myth about Bengal Tiger because of their size, power, and elegance.

    Leopard and Panther Despite its smaller size, Leopard has strong hunting behavior and the ability to climb trees even when carrying a heavy carcass, and its notorious ability for stealth. They are referred to as opportunistic and smart. There is an urban myth about a leopard using its tail to wipe off their footmark to cover their trail. Many people may have thought that leopard and black panther do not belong in the same species, in fact they do. Reproduction between black panther and leopard may produce both colors in one covey. Black panther also has spots similar to leopard, but they blend harmoniously with their black fur.

    Cheetah Cheetah is one of the most famous tigers together with lion and leopard. Everyone knows it from its appearance and its notable ability to run and accelerate. It holds world’s record of being the fastest land animal. Its appearance is different from other species. From the surface, it looks like greyhound dog. Cheetah is usually gold in color with black spots spreading across its lean body.  

    bengal ring goodafternine

    leopard ring goodafternine

    snow bengal ring goodafternine

    panther ring goodafternine

    cheetah ring goodafternine
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  • Collection // Adorla

    Collection // Adorla

    Have you ever wonder about natural phenomenon that occurs?
    How did it happen?
    Why did it happen?
    Are they the coincidences of lifecycle mechanism that we called, nature?
    Or is it caused by someone?
    Is it a message, a warning, or it is just playing with animals?
    Or is it satisfying the needs of something difficult to comprehend.

    Holy light

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  • Collection // Rabbit Tales's Collection

    Collection // Rabbit Tales's Collection
    Rabbit is a very charming animal. It is one of the most introvert animal;
    therefore it's not surprising that you will be fascinated by its charm before you know it.
    And we are one of those people who have fall in love with the rabbit. In many occasions,
    a rabbit becomes an inspiration in creativity,this jewelry collection is amongst those.
    Rabbit collection consists of 4 rabbits; namely, April, May, June and August.
    They are made of brass that have been coated using special technique.
    We hope that you may have found one of our rabbit in this collection charming and
    choose it to be at your side
    May The Rabbit Ring
    April The Rabbit Ring
    August Rabbit Ring
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  • Collection // Dog Mania

    Collection // Dog Mania
    Dog is an amazing creature. It is said to be one of the closest friends of humankind. Dogs are interesting in the sense that they always find a way to show their emotions to us. Moreover, they can also sense our feelings and emotions as well. Although there are several species of dogs which each species has its own uniqueness, however, one thing they have in common is “their love and loyalty” for their owners. We are proudly present “Dog Mania” collection which is especially designed for dog lovers. The collection will consist of French Bulldog, Chihuahua, Beagle, and many more to come. 
    French bulldog ring goodafternine

    French bulldog ring goodafternine

    French bulldog ring goodafternine

    Chihuahua ring goodafternine

    Chihuahua ring goodafternine

    Chihuahua ring goodafternine

    Chihuahua earring goodafternine

    Chihuahua necklace goodafternine

    pug ring goodafternine

    Pug ring goodafternine

    french bulldog necklace goodafternine

    french bulldog necklace goodafternine

    french bulldog necklace goodafternine

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