Inspired by cats' essence—freedom, confidence, individuality, and mystery—This exclusive touch makes each creation a coveted addition for collectors.

We want to infuse fun and freedom into the creation of wearable art, particularly in the form of Cat Rings with hand-painted designs through this seasonal collection, promising a unique and artistic expression that transcends the ordinary.

Stay tuned there will be more to come! :))))


The Third Eyes Cat ring and the Zombie Cat ring.
These unique and hand-painted pieces are available for a limited time, only until Halloween, October 31st,2023
Rose Milk Cat Ring + Lavender Cat Ring + Emerald Cat Ring
The holiday enchantment with Murmurmarch's Christmas 2023 edition! 🎄
Our collection draws inspiration from the sweetness of candy canes and the timeless allure of checkered patterns, beautifully painted onto Cat Ring shapes.
Step into a world where style meets festive whimsy!

Checkered Cat Ring +Candy Cat Ring
Find The Perfect Gifts, Heart-made hand enamel. 🤟🙌
Limited - 15 November till Christmas 24 December 2023