July 29, 2015

GFN Darlings | | Monica Santos

GFN Darlings | | Monica Santos

Lovely weekend with Monica Santos's Serendipity bread plates.

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Lovely weekend everyone. I always enjoy with Thai Dessert, Sticky rice with steamed custard wrapped in banana leaf and served with season cherries.
It is a very cute combination taste for me and I love it. It serves on Monica Santos's Serendipity bread plates.

Earlier this year, I have exhibited at The Designboom mart at the Stockholm furniture and light fair 2015. Here is the link.
I have a chance to meet many talented designers from around the world.

And I met her, Monica Santos. She has her own homeware design brand.
Serendipity bread plates made with Handmade techniques. I felled in love at the first time I see, The colour is so bright up my day!!.