Morning Garden

A tiny robin is sipping dewdrops on the morning glory flowers while a smiling lucky clover greets a little white snail. And there, a ladybug is busy doing something—a stag beetle strolls by, noticing a small frog enjoying a bath. The greeny frog gazes at a light blue-winged dragonfly gracefully soaring in the soft morning sunlight, enjoying both the sight and the scent of the morning above the water pond. Meanwhile, a blue-spotted butterfly flutters playfully through the warm, sunny sky in the Morning Garden during the beautiful morning hours.

In the moments of life, every living thing undergoes changes filled with hope, ready to face what lies ahead. It's the beauty of the time, a memorable and powerful moment – the freshness of the bright light that has passed through the darkness of the evening sky. If we take a moment to sit and observe the sounds of these lives, we embark on a journey towards this incredibly beautiful hour in the Morning Garden.