About us

GOOD AFTER NINE was established in 2009 by two designers Chawanunt Thongpool and Tidarin Srisook who love and have a passion for creating novel, fun and unconventional jewellery.

GOOD AFTER NINE’s concept is to design and produce unique quality jewellery that reflects the lifestyle and ready to be part of everyday adventures. 
Many ideas and inspirations come from days in our life, whatever we see, we make sense of it, we are enjoying ourselves, being creative, designing with no rule changing our perspective of the world from different experiences, initiate GOOD AFTER NINE forms.
The character of the brand is variety by using intricately delicate details and high skill hand-finished experienced craftsman.
We produce our jewellery with craftsmanship from start to finish, we design, create, research, develop and produce from our studio, based in Bangkok, Thailand.
All items are completely handmade, so each piece is by itself unique and there may be slight differences.

For many years, GOOD AFTER NINE designs have proven popularity globally and are now available in selected shops worldwide such as Russia, Hongkong, Chile, France, United Kingdom, China, Ukraine.

GOOD AFTER NINE’s Material: Polish Brass with 18k Gold plating + Coated with special enamel technique by high-quality enamel.
Plating: Rhodium, Black Rhodium, Pink gold, 18k Gold. Nickel-free plating to prevent skin allergic reactions.