June 13, 2014

Collaboration | Dosnoventa X Good After Nine

Collaboration | Dosnoventa X Good After Nine
We met a cool group, they stopped by and were very interested in our jewellery. They bought some rings and brought them to their friends. It is something special to have normal tourist shopping here, but they are also a great bike team from Spain, Dosnoventa. DSNV have contacted us via email. They really want to be a partner with us for a Collabo Project DSNV x Good After Nine. We recently accepted and are now proud support of this Fixed Gear Bike Team. Finally, we have created rings for DSNV, the rings are made from Staring Silver925. We created only 20 rings specially designed for the team from "La Furia Roja" Dosnoventa.
visit their website: http://www.dosnoventabikes.com