August 28, 2014

Collection // New Sugar Lady Ring

Collection // New Sugar Lady Ring

I’m so excited to finally put up this New Sugar Lady Ring!
This year, I have a lot of new designs coming up and here I would like to show our New hand painted detail of Lin and Milla.
In this past few year, Good after nine have been growing up , our  brand , skills and production that we have improved.
As I have been exploring and developing my painting skills
Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-1

| Milla Sugar lady Ring | Lin Sugar Lady Ring ||

Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-2

Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-3

Sugar Lady Ring  goodafternine-4

| Lin Sugar Lady Ring |

I put more delicate detail such as shadow on the eyes , strong line, expression of eyes.

Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-5
Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-6

| Milla Sugar Lady Ring |

Back in late 2011 when we started Good after nine up to 1 year.
When we start to create two women ring . Lin, the women with blonde short  hair and Mila, The women with Black long hair.
We were inspired by the Day of the death, The Mexican holiday or Día de Muertos, I intend to paint a face of Sugar Skull.
February 2012 I finish it.
Sugar Lady Ring-7

This is the photo of Lin and Milla. That time I really love and excited to publish them and surely I still love all my works