August 15, 2016

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The Elements 

The Five Elements apart the animal signs, there is also the system of five elements in Oriental astrology, which differs somewhat from the four elements of fire, water, earth and air used in Western astrology.
The five elements of the mystical East are wood, fire, earth, metal (or gold) and water. These elements are also applied to individual years in groups of two years each.   

The element of Wood
In ancient China, Wood- type people were the intellectuals, and wood is the elements of philosophers, teachers, student, lawyers and doctors. Education is very important to this type, and in modern times wood people usually gravitate towards careers in computing, electronics, science and communications. Many are very interested in philosophical subjects, religion and spirituality.
Wood gives you a powerful value system and high standards and ensures that you will be ethical and influential. You will be more compassionate and caring than your animal sign might indicate.
For who born in The element of Wood, check it out below.
Animal sign 
Monkey 1944
Rooster 1945
Horse 1954
Sheep 1955
Dragon 1964
Snake 1965
Tiger 1974
Hare 1975
Rat 1984
Ox 1985
Dog 1994
Pig 1995
Monkey 2004
Rooster 2005
Horse 2014
Sheep 2015

The element of Fire
The element of fire was traditionally ascribed to the warrior class of ancient Chinese society, although these fiery types were also entertainers, acrobats, athletes and those who took part in public events, such as parades, Today we are as likely to see a fire person on the stage or television as we are to see one in the armed services, fire service or police force. People of this element often make a particular cause their own and publicly identify themselves with it, hence the association with uniforms, badges and insignia.
Fire will make your character stronger, endowing you with aggression and energy. It will make you more assertive, adventurous and passionate. You must beware of recklessness and impatience, however.
For who born in The element of Fire, check it out below.
Animal sign Year
Rat 1936
Ox 1937
Dog 1946
Pig 1947
Monkey 1956
Rooster  1957
Horse 1966
Sheep 1967
Dragon 1976
Snake 1977
Tiger 1986
Hare 1987
Rat 1996
Ox 1997
Dog 2006
Pig 2007
Monkey 2016
Rooster 2017
The element of Earth
In ancient China, those born under the element of earth were traditionally buiders, farmers and keepers of water buffalo. In our age, this categorisation tends to be very similar, the earth person’s fields ( if you will pardon the pun) being construction, manufacturing, farming and food production generally.
The element bestows stability, shrewdness in business, a long memory and also a generous nature. Earth is a practical influence, making you patient, prudent and conventional. The earth element increase ambition and bestows efficiency and administrative abilities. The basic nature tends to be placid and slow to anger, but unforgiving of a hurt.
For who born in The element of Earth, check it out below.
Animal sign  Year
Tiger 1938
Hare 1939
Rat 1948
Ox 1949
Dog 1958
Pig 1959
Monkey 1968
Rooster 1969
Horse 1978
Sheep 1979
Dragon 1988
Snake 1989
Tiger 1998
Hare 1999
Rat 2008
Ox 2009
Dog 2018
Pig 2019



The element of Metal (Gold)
Being born in a Metal (Gold) year will make you determined, unyielding of purpose and somewhat hard. Once you have decided on a course of action, you will stick to it come what may, even what it becomes obvious that you should have let go a long time ago. You will be more independent than other elemental types and will be unwilling to rely on others, there are dangers in being too self-contained, however, so open up a little.
The trait of being self-willed and law unto yourself probably derives from this element traditionally having been ascribed to the emperor of China, as well as members of his court, grand people who were definitely both of these things! 
For who born in The element of Metal (Gold), check it out below.
 Animal sign  Year
Horse 1930
Sheep 1931
Dragon 1940
Snake 1941
Tiger 1950
Hare 1951
Rat 1960
Ox 1961
Dog 1970
Pig 1971
Monkey 1980
Rooster 1981
Horse 1990
Sheep 1991
Dragon 2000
Snake 2001
Tiger 2010
Hare 2011
Rat 2020
The element of water
The Chinese element of water is strongly connected to matters of finance and commerce. Traditionally, those born in a water year tended to be tax collectors, merchants, landlords, bankers, accountants and those who looked after warehouses. Today, the results of the water influence are much the same. This does not mean that water types are always successful with money, but if they do lose a lot they tend somehow to recoup it. In addition to their fiscal acumen, water types are intuitive and communicative. The water element tends to soften a character, making someone more tolerant. Their flowing ease of expression is often envied, but their feelings are sensitive and water people are easily hurt.
For who born in The element of Water, check it out below.
Animal sign  Year
Monkey 1932
Rooster 1933
Horse 1942
Sheep 1943
Dragon 1952
Snake 1953
Tiger 1962
Hare 1963
Rat 1972
Ox 1973
Dog 1982
Pig 1983
Monkey 1992
Rooster 1993
Horse 2002
Sheep 2003
Dragon 2012
Snake 2013