February 28, 2020


On this edition of GOODAFTERNINE Maidens, we are glad to have Barbara Graves.
Barbara is known for her unique styles which stems from uncommon inspiration. She is a lover of everything vintage and effortlessly combines little meaningful pieces in the most natural manner; to bring out the perfect blend of awesomeness.
Barbara has great tastes for combining colours which she does so well with flawless abandon. With the belief that natural looks are a soothing wonder, she creates her own rules in fashion and crafts out the unimaginable in a simply beautiful way. Being a lover of the old days, she recreates those fashion times through her imaginative fashion lens. The presentation of the good old days is basically her circle of niche.
Barbara is also a photographer; in addition to being an influential fashion icon. She captures beautiful pictures with a touch of difference and she is inspired by the vintage universe and can harness the best of it. Her outstanding photographs on nature are revealed through #likooldtimes blog on Instagram. #likeoldtimes gets the approval of so many through its unique perspectives and attention to details.  
She believes in bringing to stillness, the pressures of this world while making the most use of its source-vintage inspiration. Through her YouTube channel and Vlog, she reaches out to many and spreads her fragrance of everything "vintage".  Barbara has integrated her unique sense of fashion into her blog and has sprung a moment through its simplicity and quintessential exuberance.
Not only is GOODAFTERNINE a huge fan of Barbara Graves. She is also an ardent fan of ours as well, which is why it is an immense honor to be able to collaborate with her.