January 02, 2017

GFN Stocklist | Little Boxes (UKRAINE)

Little Boxes
This is a story about our Beautiful stockist in Kyiv, Ukraine. Name's little Boxes.
Yulia, Owner of Little Boxes told her story.
So, my name is Yulia Mukhoid,  me and my retail project “Little Boxes” are from and currently residing in Kyiv, Ukraine. Kyiv is a very beautiful city, full of inspiration, with a great history and rich artistic background. My whole life I was surrounded with art, I came from artistic family and studied ceramics and sculpture in college.

Right after collage, I started to work in photo&video production and for many years became fascinated with these great forms of art. As an executive producer of the leading Ukrainian production, I’ve travelled the world and met many interesting and talented people. Those great years gave me unique experiences and also a perspective on what my real calling is — arts and crafts, and to be more specific — jewellery!

Like any girl, I was always drawn to jewellery. I like to wear it, like to buy it, like to style it and also make it. Rings, earrings, pendants and pins — all those precious little things that make us girls oh-so-happy! :) I’ve decided not just to make and sell them, but also represent other talented designers. And that is how the “Little Boxes” was born.

I went to Paris for inspiration and at the jewelry exhibition found not just that, but also “Good After Nine” line. Right away I knew that I want to work with your amazing line and I want to bring it to Ukraine! Ever since we started to sell them in “Little Boxes” it’s been a great success and a very trendy accessory piece that every stylish girl wants to have!
Good after nine little boxes 002
Good after nine little boxes 003
Good after nine little boxes 004
Good after nine little boxes 005

Our showroom is located at Kozhemyatskaya 16b 
Kyiv, Ukraine


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