December 03, 2016

GFN Stocklist | JOIES (RUSSIA)

About our shop:
"Our shop was founded in on November 1, 2015. We are located in the resort town names Pyatigorsk, Russia.
We work about 5 years with my husband in the jewellery business, but we very much wanted to create the shop of costume jewellery.
Special shop where there will be unusual, but stylish jewellery and magnificent servicing!

Having studied all world tendencies and the market of jewellery, we understood that Good After Nine is that it is necessary for us! The futures is yours;) 

JOIES is not just the name, each letter is the first letter of names of our family, and in translation from French it means joys. 
There is a wish to add that at us the best buyers...honestly! This jewellery attracts only sincere, kind and talented people!!!

Generally, about us the famous bloggers write) Sometimes, it is advertizing, and sometimes it is just our happy buyers)

Pyatigorsk, Moskovskaya St. 81, 3rd floor, office 39 ---RUSSIA