Summer Song Pendant Necklace | Season Song

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Summer Song Pendant Necklace - Summer Serenade | Season Song

Dive into the carefree melody of summer with accessories that reflect the sunlit days and balmy nights. Explore a palette of lively colours and designs that evoke the playful energy of the season. 


Heartmade + handcrafted in every detail. Every handmade item is quirky and unique, which makes it special. Handcrafted and fully processed produce in Thailand.

// materials: polished brass with 18k gold plating ( Brass is an alloy made mainly of copper and zinc )
// finishing: handcrafted, high-quality enamel
// colour: pink, blue, yellow, purple, 18kgold
// colour: lavender, blue, indigo, green, 18kgold
// chain length : 18k gold plating brass chain 55 cm + spring clasp + extender 5 cm + extender 5 cm 

Release in 2024 February

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