ACHxGFN Fairyfly Wings Earrings

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A Clothes Horse x GoodAfterNine 2024 collection. 
ACHxGFN Fairyfly Wings Earrings.

Out of the corner of your eye, only ever half-glimpsed in a flash of light by the shadow of a hawthorn tree or a sparkle deep in bluebell woods, flits the fairyfly. A common appearance in the fae realm, these magical butterflies are almost never fully seen in our world. Descriptions of these elusive beings are as hazy as a childhood memory; are they pink or blue, as tiny as dancing dust motes or as large as a sparrow? 

Every piece in this collection is handmade, making each quirky and unique. No two are exactly alike! Handcrafted and fully produced in Thailand."


// materials: polished brass with 18k gold plating ( Brass is an alloy made mainly of copper and zinc ) 
// finishing: high-quality enamel and special coating technique
// colour: all shades glittery - pink, purple, blue, green
// *earrings type: stud earrings


 Launch - 2024 July