Spring Song Earrings | Season Song

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Spring Song Ring - Spring Symphony | Season Song

Feel the rejuvenating spirit of spring encapsulated in delicate jewellery. Picture vibrant flowers, budding leaves, and the soft warmth of the season. Our pieces embody the essence of renewal and growth, capturing the blooming beauty of nature.


Heartmade + handcrafted in every detail. Every handmade item is quirky and unique, which makes it special. Handcrafted and fully processed produce in Thailand.

// materials: polished brass with 18k gold plating ( Brass is an alloy made mainly of copper and zinc )
// finishing: handcrafted, high-quality enamel
// colour: red, blue, o-rose, fresh teal, yellow, 18kgold
// earring type: stud

Release in 2024 February

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