• Collection // Skull Ring White

    Collection // Skull Ring White

    Skull Ring White-1

    In the mood of Grey White and Indigo tone.

    Skull ring WHITE 



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  • Collection // New Sugar Lady Ring

    Collection // New Sugar Lady Ring

    I’m so excited to finally put up this New Sugar Lady Ring!
    This year, I have a lot of new designs coming up and here I would like to show our New hand painted detail of Lin and Milla.
    In this past few year, Good after nine have been growing up , our  brand , skills and production that we have improved.
    As I have been exploring and developing my painting skills
    Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-1

    | Milla Sugar lady Ring | Lin Sugar Lady Ring ||

    Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-2

    Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-3

    Sugar Lady Ring  goodafternine-4

    | Lin Sugar Lady Ring |

    I put more delicate detail such as shadow on the eyes , strong line, expression of eyes.

    Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-5
    Sugar Lady Ring goodafternine-6

    | Milla Sugar Lady Ring |

    Back in late 2011 when we started Good after nine up to 1 year.
    When we start to create two women ring . Lin, the women with blonde short  hair and Mila, The women with Black long hair.
    We were inspired by the Day of the death, The Mexican holiday or Día de Muertos, I intend to paint a face of Sugar Skull.
    February 2012 I finish it.
    Sugar Lady Ring-7

    This is the photo of Lin and Milla. That time I really love and excited to publish them and surely I still love all my works 



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  • Collection // Sky Dancer

    Collection // Sky Dancer
    Bird, An amazing creature which its features. Have been beautifully colored like no other make-up artists and stylists can. They can sing beautifully without having to know the notes. The way they flutter is so elegant without having to go through performance training. The sky is their boundless stage. They are the Sky Dancer.       

    Sophia cockatoo ring goodafternine

    molly cockatoo ring goodafternine

    Arara macaw ring goodafternine

    tocco ring goodafternine

    Puffin ring goodafternine

    sophia cockatoo earring goodafternine

    Arara macaw earring goodafternine
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  • Collection | Many Cats are Coming to Town

    Collection | Many Cats are Coming to Town
    In our jewellery creation, We couldn't miss to make it , "Cat Collection”. Since they are charming and magical, power over us. It seems they can spell us to do something they want. They own everything in the house, including you.   They have variety of colours and characters. But cuteness they are same.
    Cat ring
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